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*rumble rumble* [12 Jun 2010|07:27am]

Calling all Basses!
and Altos!
and Sopranos!
and Tenors!

but more power to Basses (i am biased haha!)

come come join us... we're looking for singers :D
No audition required, just a passion for singing and sticking to the programme :p
hope to see you at rehearsals!

Vox Camerata
Rehearses on Saturday from 2.30pm to 5.30pm
65 Kerbau Road
Next to Little India MRT (literally), exit via exit E

email us at discovery@voxcamerata.com for more information , or visit us at www.voxcamerata.com
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Choir Looking For Singers [10 Oct 2009|11:13pm]

Hi all!

For those in Singapore looking for a choir to sing with, look no further....

We're looking for singers from all ranks (SATB)
The only requirement we have is that you wanna sing, and will commit to it!
Prior choir experience or musical knowledge is not necessary (although it makes it easier)

Look us up!
www.voxcamerata.com :)
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Geeky music [30 Sep 2009|01:52pm]

Hello all,

I was wondering if any of you have seen or are aware of any sheet music (SATB preferred) of original Nintendo themes; Mario, Tetris, Zelda, or the like.

I know there are Youtube videos of the choir who does the Nintendo remix, but they do not make sheet music, and will not release the arrangement. I know there are a LOT of videos of this, but I need info on actual sheet music. Does anyone know of anything?
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Please help, I am very desperate. [20 Sep 2009|02:14pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

I sing Soprano in a church choir. I don't know where else to go.

I was asked to sing the descant part in "Treasures in Heaven" by Allen Pote. I've always only sung the melody and we never ever DID the descant until we got a new director who decided he wants it.

I need a recording of this because I have no other way to practice. I have searched every flipping corner of the internet and have had no luck. I have no money so I can't go purchasing it(hell, I can't even find it on sites where you have to pay!). I'm frustrated and desperate and afraid I will make a fool of myself because I don't know this part. I have 2 weeks.

PLEASE HELP ME! If you have a recording, http://www.box.net is a great place to put it up where it can be downloaded without a hassle. I SERIOUSLY NEED THIS AUDIO. .mp3 preferred, but .wav is okay too.

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[31 Aug 2009|11:29am]

Aloha my fellow choirfreaks!
I'm writing to all of you from the Big Island of hawaii. I'm a college student about to graduate with a BA in Performing Arts emphasis in Music. I hope to go on to grad school and eventually become a choir director. Choir is one of the few things in life that make me want to laugh and cry at the same time. A really good choir is an amazing thing.
I'm about to begin my senior recital rehearsals. My recital is a combination solo vocal and choral performance. We start rehearsals tonight. Any advice? I've never done anything like this before although I've been singing in a choir since I was six years old. Thanks in advance. I'm glad to be part of this community.
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[26 Apr 2009|12:44pm]

What is your favorite madrigal? Mine are All Creatures Now by John Bennet, Flora Gave me Fairest Flowers by John Wilbye, and Io mi son giovinetta by Claudio Monteverdi. I'm trying to put together a madrigal group (I'm in DC, by the way, let me know if you're interested!), but I mostly know things I sang in high school, or that other groups at my high school sang. I love polyphony, and languages other than English most definitely welcome.
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Hey [08 Apr 2009|10:41pm]

[ mood | content ]

Does anyone know some good Celtic songs that can be sung by a choir? I need names for my choir director. She asked the choir for suggestions. If you have links too, that would be appreciated.

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All-State [25 Mar 2009|07:08pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Tomorrow I am going to All-State Honor Choir. I was in Women's Choir before, so now I am in Mixed Choir this time. We are preforming Kyrie Eleison by Louis Vierne, Ruth by Paul Ayres, Exsultate justi by Ludovico Viandana, Constellation (3 Poems of Sara Teasdale) by Frank Ticheli, Awake the Harp by Franz Josef Haydn, Flower of Beauty by John Clements, Weeping Mary by John G. McCurry, and John the Revelator by Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory. We will be preforming on Sunday.

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heya all! [25 Mar 2009|10:57pm]

just a little shout out....

if you live in singapore, and are looking for a choir to join, then i'm glad to let you know that we are looking for members!
do check us out @ www.voxcamerata.com

we rehearse on saturdays from 2.30pm to 5.30pm

hoping to hear from u guys!

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Hello Fellow Music Lovers [23 Mar 2009|09:01pm]

Hi there! I'm new to this community and I might as well tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Kristina but everyone calls me Tia. I am a first soprano. I sing in the school Treble Ensemble, Chorale, and Chamber Choir, Central Region Honor Choir, All-State Honor Choir, and Church Choir. I have a vocal teacher who teaches me regularly.I have a deep passion for music. It was and always will be my first love. I play piano and guitar. I have a broad range of musical taste. My music library takes up about 3 bookshelves. This week I will be taking off to sing in All-State Honor Choir. In April, my school choirs will be going to Heritage Music Competition. I enjoy various musicals and operas. One of my favorites is Don Giovani. I hope to become a singer/songwriter/composer/recording artist someday.

Well, that's about it. If you read it, thanks for taking the time to read. Feel free to friend me.
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[01 Mar 2009|11:39pm]

I'm curious if anyone has sung anything by Trevor Weston. My choir (The Washington Chorus) is putting on a concert called "New Music for a New Age" and we're singing five pieces by Trevor Weston, and I can't find a recording of Truth Tones, which is the most difficult! It's also really beautiful, as is Ashes.

Anyway, I love modern works. My current favorite work is Proud Music of the Storm by Carlyle Sharpe. He's friends with our director and he attended not only our concert, but our dress rehearsal. I was sitting out the dress rehearsal because I had bronchitis, and I was sitting only a row or two behind Carlyle Sharpe, and during the last movement, I suddenly started to cry because I was so moved. It's not new for me to tear up a bit, but I was sobbing so hard that I left the concert hall because I was afraid I'd be a disruption. I spoke with Carlyle at the break in rehearsal and said something slightly more intelligent that basically said "you = genius", and had him sign my music. He was so excited to sign my score and a few other choristers', it was adorable.
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Choir Blog! [12 Feb 2009|11:32pm]

Hello Choir Lovers!

I know this post may seem like a shameless plug but I wanted to let you guys know about a new choir blog I've started: http://thechoirgirl.blogspot.com/

I've been an avid choral singer for the past 11 years and I thought I would start blogging about some of my experiences and I also want to use this blog to branch out and connect to other choristers. That is where you all come in! Soon I want to start profiling choristers from around the world and I hope to release one of these a week, thus, I need choristers to interview. It will not be work intensive, I'll just send you some questions over e-mail (just about how you got started in choral singing, some of your favorite pieces etc.) and you can type your answers back to me and I can showcase you on my blog in all your choral glory :) If you're interested at all please e-mail me at misssable@gmail.com and I will be in contact with you. Or just comment below in this entry. Feel free to look around my blog so you can see the tone of what I'm going for and if you would like to be profiled please let me know. Thanks so much choir lovers!

Miss. Sable

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So I'm a composer in the making.... [14 Jan 2009|11:55am]

And I made a music MySpace with myt first three pieces sung by a computer-generated choir. Robot voices.. haha so it gives an idea, I think its better than just a MIDI.


Check out the pieces, friend request, feel free to submit questions and comments :)

Thanks guys.
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New here... [16 Nov 2008|12:54am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hello, all.  New member here and just saying "hi".

I've been singing in choirs since I was four and taking private voice lessons (since 2005); I'm 18 now.  I am currently in the newly formed American Festival Chorus (formerly the Northern Utah Choral Society) located in Cache County, Utah and under the direction of the brilliant and fanstastic director Craig Jessop, former director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (which my father was a part of for 17 years).  I sing first Soprano.

It is an amazing experience working with a director like Craig; he is absolutely fabulous and the *BEST* director I've ever had.  We just performed the Mozart Requiem and have adjourned for the semester but we'll be starting again on January 7th, 2009 and will be working on Beethoven's Choral Fantasy and Carmina Burana.  I look forward to performing both with Craig very much.

So that's me.  :D

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Midwinter Night's Dream [11 Nov 2008|06:02am]

Hey all... just a little shout out:)
Hope you guys dont mind the image

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The thing about Eric Whitacre is... [22 Jul 2008|11:27pm]

that you either need a damn big choir...
or you'd need a choir that has members that are so similar with each other when it comes to placements and enunciation

what do you think?

reason why i am asking this is that i have a small choir... about 12-16 members, and i wonder if we could pull off eric whitacre's Cloudburst....
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ACL [03 Jul 2008|01:45am]

I’m “auditioning“ for the National Tour of A Chorus Line’s Be the One competition, and I need your help! The 8 dancers who get the most votes will win an exclusive prize package, including tickets to A Chorus Line.

Click here to view my profile and cast your vote to let everyone know you think I’m a Singular Sensation!



Anthony John


Please vote multiple times with different e-mails, only if possible, and tell your friends also :)


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LET IT BE [24 Jun 2008|01:49am]


I just want to share this video of the alumni of the Philippine Madrigal Singers (Madz) singing Let It Be as arranged by Ryan Cayabyab. Sorry for the shaky video. I wasn't able to bring my tripod.

Enjoy! :)
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Thought You might enjoy this [24 Mar 2008|06:43pm]

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