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Choir Blog!

Hello Choir Lovers!

I know this post may seem like a shameless plug but I wanted to let you guys know about a new choir blog I've started:

I've been an avid choral singer for the past 11 years and I thought I would start blogging about some of my experiences and I also want to use this blog to branch out and connect to other choristers. That is where you all come in! Soon I want to start profiling choristers from around the world and I hope to release one of these a week, thus, I need choristers to interview. It will not be work intensive, I'll just send you some questions over e-mail (just about how you got started in choral singing, some of your favorite pieces etc.) and you can type your answers back to me and I can showcase you on my blog in all your choral glory :) If you're interested at all please e-mail me at and I will be in contact with you. Or just comment below in this entry. Feel free to look around my blog so you can see the tone of what I'm going for and if you would like to be profiled please let me know. Thanks so much choir lovers!

Miss. Sable

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